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Marketing Luxury Homes

A luxury home goes beyond the functional utility of providing shelter and supports the luxury lifestyle of the owners and their guests. Affluent buyers are attracted to homes that enhance their lifestyle. The most effective marketing of luxury homes sells lifestyle instead of just the functional attributes of the home.

Staging is an essential element of marketing a luxury home because affluent buyers want to see the lifestyle that they will live when they move into the home. The marketing lifestyle story should be supported by the staging. For example, if the story is the equestrian lifestyle, the staging should incorporate equestrian elements such as horse tack, Hermes blankets, Munnings prints, etc. Staging can range from fine tuning a well decorated home to ensure that it is clean and uncluttered to emptying the home and totally redecorating it.

Exceptional professional photography is an essential element of marketing a luxury home. Great photos will compel buyers to become excited about seeing the home. If the photos are not first rate, buyers will cross the home off their list without even going to see the home. In addition photography should illustrate the lifestyle story.

Although affluent buyers have the ability to pay more, they are looking for value. If the price position of the home does not create a perception of value the home will not receive offers.

It is the agent's professional responsibility to know the price positioning that energizes the buyer pool.  When the home is at the energy price and the lifestyle story connects with the buyers, the emotional side of the brain takes over and they say:

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