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Moving Mansions: High-End Moving Services for Your Luxury Home

When you’re moving into a new luxury home, it’s important to protect your belongings. The best way to ensure the safety of your assets is to leave them in the hands of professionals. Many moving companies have experience handling luxury items. From packing your items to arranging your new home, know what to expect when hiring a company to move the following high-end belongings:


  • Wine collections. Movers will most likely use wine boxes to pack up your collection; these boxes typically fit 12 standard-sized wine bottles. Only sealed bottles should be packed – and experienced movers know to pack the bottles upside down or on their sides so the corks remain wet. Boxes should always be labeled as fragile. Finally, the ideal temperature for wine is 55 degrees, and your movers should know how to accommodate that, whether that means providing a climate-controlled van to transport your collection or devising another solution.

  • Artwork. When moving artwork or special collection, movers will provide specialty crates for your framed artwork or other art collection. Find out how they plan to pack your collection so you can be sure it will be most secure. How you pack framed art is very different than how you pack sculptures and crystals. Then, inquire about the moving company’s valuation policies and potentially take out extra insurance to insure the collection for the full amount.

  • Pianos. Naturally, you’ll want experienced movers to move your piano – no matter how old or new it may be. Find movers that have moved everything from a grand piano to an organ or upright piano. Be sure your movers have experience moving pianos up and down stairs, and that they will use a crane if necessary.

  • Luxury cars and boats. You can’t trust just anyone with your luxury vehicle or boat. Be on the lookout for movers that offer both open and enclosed transport, so you can choose the level of protection you desire for your belongings. Also, locate a moving company with experienced drivers and 24/7 GPS tracking so you always know exactly where your vehicles are located along their route.


When it comes to moving luxury items, you can never be too cautious. Research moving companies in your area and find one that offers the high-end services you need to protect your belongings. For the utmost in luxury moving, be sure to find out how the movers take precautions to minimize wear on floors, how they pad stair rails, and protect walls, etc. from potential bumps. Furthermore, if unpacking and arranging rooms in your new home isn’t something you’re not interested in, luxury movers should be able to unpack and arrange the rooms for you.

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