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Since 1992, RE/MAX Associates have donated more than $115 million to our member hospitals across the U.S. and Canada.

All through August, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, Children's Miracle Network Canada and RE/MAX are celebrating two decades and over $115 million raised for our hospitals across North America. It's the first time we have dedicated an entire month to who we like to call "Miracle Agents." And we're thrilled to recognize their phenomenal efforts!


How are these funds raised to help our 170 hospitals? Mostly through the RE/MAX Miracle Home program, which started in 1992. Over the past 20 years, participating Miracle Agents have pledged a donation to their local CMN Hospital with every home transaction. Clearly, these funds have added up in a life-changing — and life-saving — way. RE/MAX agents also host a variety of fundraisers, from golf tournaments and bake sales to even home lotteries. Their dedication -- and the fundraising results -- can be seen in neighorhoods and member hospitals from Tampa to Toronto.

So what can you do to celebrate the Month of Miracles? Keep an eye out for Miracle Home signs on homes (pictured below), and consider contacting a Miracle Agent if you're in the market. You can get started at You can also help to spread the word by visiting our U.S. share site for some quick and easy talking points, or by checking in at Children's Miracle Network Canada's site.

Thanks to the work of more than 11,000 Miracle Agents last year, more kids are returning home from our hospitals. Next week, we'll introduce you to Jessica Clausen, a Miracle Agent who's celebrating two miracles of her own: Her daughter Jaicee and son Jakob. Both were treated at our Network's Johns Hopkins Children's Center.

Stay tuned, and happy Month of Miracles!

Jessica Clausen and family - REMAX Month of Miracles
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