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The Top 7 Things that Sellers Can Do to Boost Curb Appeal.

1. Online Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal 166-168 Summer St.

The majority of buyers will see a home online prior to a showing. First impressions actually begin online.


All curb appeal improvements (see the following sections) need to be completed prior to photographs. Make sure that toys, garbage cans, and lawn equipment is put away prior to photography.

Wires, Signs, and Poles

Utility wires, traffic signs and telephone poles are unattractive and obscure the home. The photographer needs to find angles that eliminate or minimize the impact of these items.


Photography needs to be scheduled at the time of day when the sun is not behind the home. The mobile device app LightTrac is a very useful tool to determine the position of the sun at all hours of the day. Exterior photographs should portray the home as well maintained, bright and inviting.

Professional photographers have the equipment and training to produce vastly superior exterior (and interior) photographs.

2. Landscaping

Curb Appeal Landscaping

The first thing buyers often see is landscaping. For this reason it is important that the hedges, lawn, shrubs, and trees be well maintained. Trimming dead branches, weeding, and "greening up" the lawn are essential to creating a positive first impression.

Adding colorful flower beds, containers & window boxes are a quick and inexpensive way to add visual interest.

3. Fences

Curb Appeal Fence

Broken pickets, rotted posts, and peeling paint are unsafe and unattractive. These deficiencies need to be fixed prior to selling a home.

Fences should also be appropriate to the neighborhood and style of home. Industrial chain link fences detract from the value of any home. In contrast, a freshly painted wooden fence has a strong emotional appeal to home buyers. Fences have such strong symbolism that a white picket fence has become a symbol for the American dream of home ownership.

4. Driveways and Walkways

Curb Appeal Driveway

Poorly maintained driveways and walkways are another turn off for buyers. Enhancements include weeding, crack repair and sealing asphalt driveways. For high end homes, replacing an asphalt driveway or concrete sidewalk with pavers or brick, greatly enhances the curb appeal and value of the home.

5. Steps, Decking, and Railing

Curb Appeal Steps

The condition of steps (especially front steps) and decking set the stage for entering the home. 

Cracked stair treads, rotted porch decking, worn paint, and faded stain are unattractive and even dangerous.   Replacing damaged components, and refinishing and painting surfaces greatly enhances curb appeal.

6. Front Door and Associated Hardware

Curb Appeal Front Door

The front door and its associated hardware welcome the buyer to the home. The front door to a home gets a lot of use and accumulates a lot of wear and tear. A fresh coat of paint on the front door is the quickest way to upgrade curb appeal. Cleaning, polishing or replacing the house number, mailbox, kick plate, and entry handle set is also an important element of increasing curb appeal.

Tasteful seasonal decorations such as pumpkins in the fall help home buyers feel emotionally engaged by the home.

7. Lighting

Curb Appeal Lighting

Since many showings occur in the evening lighting makes a big impact on curb appeal, not to mention enhancing safety. Adding pathway lighting is one of the best ways to brighten the landscape. Adding or enhancing overhead porch lighting is very important since it will show off all of the curb appeal improvements.
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